Secretary's Message


Dear Friends,

Dear Don Bosco Schools’ Educators and Students!

Welcome to the Don Bosco Schools India website!

Don Bosco Schools in India are generally the most preferred and sought-after educational institutions for the education of children. People seem to have much faith in the Don Bosco way of education and in the meticulous and progressive unfolding of the overall development of the child that takes place in our schools. The family ambience that exists in our schools, the presence and role of the divine in our education system, the loving interaction with the educators, the constant inputs in character formation, stress on ethics and values, education to peace, tolerance, communal harmony, national integration and the appreciation, preservation and promotion of our varied and priceless cultural tapestry, are some of the much appreciated salient features of our education system.

The impact of our influence in the most impressionable years in the children’s lives and the indelible golden memories of the school days are etched in their hearts and minds forever. This is very much visible in our past pupils who have impacted the society and their workplace with Christian values and Don Bosco ways.

The Don Bosco school is a place of integral education of the human person. This educational process ought to be a unity and focuses on the human person in his or her integral, transcendent, historical identity. Therefore, the Don Bosco School Educator must help pupils to develop harmoniously their physical, moral and intellectual endowments; he will develop freedom, responsibility, sexuality, social life and moral values and finally their religious dimension.

Don Bosco pedagogy gives special emphasis to direct and personal contact with the pupils. Those are active agents in their own formation process. This personal contact must lead to a dialogue (rather than a monologue) which will facilitate an understanding of the witness to faith. This personal contact is the means by which teachers learn what they need to know about the pupils in order to guide them adequately. Therefore, the teacher must always be conscious of his mission.

The quality of the Don Bosco school can be found in personal involvement, genuine reciprocity, and coherence of attitudes, lifestyles and day to day behaviour. If this vision inspires the school and animates the community, the school can make its own positive contribution, in a spirit of cooperation, with the building up of the society.

This website intends to build our Don Bosco School Community for making this positive contribution to the Society. The mission of educating young people is sacred to Don Bosco Organization. So to enhance the formation process which is at place in every one of our Schools, this website shall carry out not only news from across India but also materials and insights which would help upholding the pedagogical values of Don Bosco, enhance value-driven educational training and serve as a platform to discuss various issues concerning the aspirations, problems and culture of young people!

We invite all our Don Bosco Educators and our educational institutions to make use of our web service to share their news and views and also to update themselves with the latest trends in educational issues and technology!

May this portal become a point of convergence of Don Bosco School Education!

With best wishes,

Secretary / Treasurer, AIDBES

Dr/Fr. Maria Charles SDB