Vision & Mission

Don Bosco Schools India educates the Don Bosco way. Our only priority is the integral development of every child that steps into the portals of Don Bosco. Ours is an education that values and nurtures the religious, spiritual, intellectual, moral, aesthetic, social and physical growth of each student. We foster “student-student” and “teacher-student” relationships as the most appropriate model to empower every one of them to develop a sense of purpose and respect for self, others and the environment.

We endeavour to meet the individual needs of students and welcome the contributions they make in using their special gifts and talents. We help to create a safe and happy ambience where all the members of the school community are included, valued and nurtured. All this leads to the pursuit of excellence and an ongoing commitment to learning.

Inspired by the benign and noble teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ who declared of Himself “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”, and guided by the moral and educational philosophy of St. John Bosco, Don Bosco Schools India envisions well-formed youngsters who are honest persons and good citizens.

We lay emphasis on an education that is participatory in nature, intellectually competent, multi-skill oriented, value based and socially committed.

Secretary's Message

Youth are our Priority and Responsibility
It is the bold and clear statement by the Salesians of South Asia regarding their relationship with the young.