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06 September 2021

Teaching is considered as one of the noblest professions as it contributes an educated population to the world. Teachers are the ones who choose their careers to spread knowledge and wisdom. A teacher not merely teaches the students about lessons in the textbooks, but mould a child into a socially responsible person. They are the role models for many and are respected by society as a whole. They make learning creative so as to make their students understand and imbibe the knowledge quickly.

Teachers are always an inspiration and a motivation to the students and at every step. Teachers are the best source of inspiration and the magicians who make the students marvel at the wonder of knowledge. They have a greater tolerance for dealing with every type of student within a class. Teachers are the only people who inspire millions of students through generations. And also gives life-transforming tips to pave the path of light. Teachers feed moral values into the society and double up as its educational foundation. They build the nation by shaping the people who make it up.

They nourish and prepare students for their future as they are the real icon of knowledge and wisdom. They create awareness among the students and common people. Our teachers are the true pillars of our success. They help us garner knowledge, improve our skills, grow confidence as well as help us to choose the right path to success.

Teachers act as a support system in students’ lives. They are a role model and an inspiration to go further and to dream bigger. Teachers of all walks of life and subjects have the ability to shape opinions and help form ideas about society, life and personal goals. Teachers can also expand students’ limits and push their creativity.

A great teacher always has compassion for the students, understanding of their students’ personal lives, and appreciation for their academic/life goals and achievements. Teachers are role models for children to be positive, always try harder, and reach for the stars. Knowledge and education are the basis for all things that can be accomplished in life. Teachers provide the power of education to today’s youth, thereby giving them the possibility for a better future.

Teachers simplify the complex, and make abstract concepts accessible to students. Teachers also expose children to ideas and topics that they might otherwise would never come across. They can expand on interests and push their students to do better.

Teachers not only listen, but also coach and mentor their students. They are able to help shape academic goals and are dedicated to getting their students to achieve them.

Teachers do what they do because they want to help others. Teachers typically believe in the power of education and the importance of providing children with good role models. They are dedicated to the cause.

Teachers Play a Great Role in the Economic Development of the Country. Teachers provide the education that improves quality of life, therefore bringing so much to both individuals and society as a whole.

Teachers increase productivity and creativity of students and therefore, of future workers. When students are pushed to be creative and productive, they are more likely to be entrepreneurial and make technological advances, ultimately leading to economic development of a country.

But, despite playing such a crucial role in the lives of students and in nation-building, they rarely are shown the gratitude that they deserve. Teachers should be respected and honoured. It is our duty to thank them at least once a year and Teachers’ Day gives us an ideal opportunity to do so!


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