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Faculty Development Programme (FDP) for Don Bosco Institutions

01 July 2021

New Delhi, Jul. 1. To enhance the competence of teachers and produce positive progress on pupil's empowerment and academic achievement, a six-day online Faculty Development Programme (FDP) was organized, for the Instructors of Ten Don Bosco Technical Institutes from May 31, 2021, to June 5, 2021.

The programme had 115 persons with six Principals of Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). Organized from Jharkhand Government Tool Room in Ranchi through Mr M.K. Gupta, Principal, had Professor Raman Ballabh as the resource person. Father Davis Maniparamben, the Provincial of New Delhi Province, and Mr Ravi Chilokuti, Joint Director of DGT, were the special invitees. They appreciated the organizers and encouraged the participants through their valuable presence and enriching speeches during the inaugural session of the FDP. 

Along with presentation and teaching skills, several other topics, such as the human skills for collaboration, professional growth, management, and leadership, were covered during the FDP. The positive feedback from the participants expresses the effectiveness and benefit of the programme. Sincere thanks to Mr Amar Prabhu, Principal of Don Bosco Kurla and Brother Tom C.J., Principal of Don Bosco Technical Institute, Okhla, New Delhi, for organizing the FDP successfully.

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