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Meals on Wheels by BOSCO Delhi

08 June 2021

New Delhi, May. 26. The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown has made the poor in Delhi struggle for food. Nutritious and decent meals are a distant reality for them. Often those admitted in the hospitals and the bystanders go hungry. Meals on wheels by BOSCO Delhi is a respite for these ordinary people who have gone cashless.
Due to a lack of jobs, the daily labourers and migrant workers are penniless even to fetch a meal. The support from generous donors has made BOSCO Delhi distribute cooked meals.  So far, they were able to distribute about 500 packets of cooked meals daily to the needy. Since May 12, over 6500 individuals were given food in government hospitals, bus terminals, colonies and streets of Delhi. Meals on Wheels will continue to reach the poor for 100 days.

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