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Don Bosco School Alaknanda Awarded Outstanding School & Teacher of Substance by Delhi Minorities Commission

04 July 2020

New Delhi, Jun. 16. Don Bosco School Alaknanda, New Delhi has been awarded as an ‘Outstanding School, and Saiby Mathew, the Coordinator of the school has been conferred with the ‘Teacher of Substance Award’ by the Delhi Minorities Commission, Government of NCT Delhi.

Don Bosco School, Alaknanda, New Delhi is truly a special school. Throughout the history of the school, academic excellence and high achievement levels have consistently placed it among the top schools in the country. A common thread throughout Don Bosco School Alaknanda’s storied past is the enthusiastic management, excellent teaching staff and efficient support personnel. The dedication of the staff, their technical skills and collaboration ensure that the school meets the needs of all the students. The parental and community support has been a constant encouragement, throughout the years.

Don Bosco School Alaknanda, New Delhi awarded as Outstanding School` by Delhi Minorities Commission, Government of NCT Delhi.

Saiby Mathew, in the field of education for the last 17 years as an educator, mentor, counsellor and organizer, says: ”St. John Bosco’s love for young people has been an inspiration for me from my childhood. I am ever grateful to the Salesians of Don Bosco, who gave me the opportunity to work for the betterment of students.” Hailing from Kerala, he has travelled all over the world as a resource person and associated himself with various organizations for youth such as CBCI Youth Commission, FIMCAP, Eubla Switzerland, KJK Germany and CHIRO Philippines. Mr. Saiby is appreciated by his students for his exceptional capacity to conduct the classes in the most effective way, relating the topic with real life situations and using ICT in the field of education. His vast experience in the youth ministry helps him to communicate well with the students, who understand his language and respond positively. As the mentor, he motivates the students to take up leadership roles. As a Co-ordinator he is meticulous in organizing, unbiased and sincere in his approach, caring and supportive, demanding but understanding in discipline management. His promotion of innovation and use of technology through the Analytix Club for students got recognition from Oxford University and IIT Delhi. For the wellbeing of students, he has introduced programmes such as Swasth Bosco mission, Bosco Bliss, Bosco Board, Bosco Chronicle, Special Education Policy and works for students who are differently abled in collaboration with the School Special Educator and School Counsellor. Together with the school staff, he has initiated ‘Support Child Education’ to help the poor students and a ‘Minority Cell’ to support the needs of minority students.

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