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Don Bosco Vazhikaatti Chennai and Trichy Empowers 30,000 Students; Receives Award from Tamil Nadu Government

02 July 2024

In a significant achievement, the Don Bosco Vazhikaatti team from Chennai and Trichy has been recognized by the Tamil Nadu Government's Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare (ADTW) Department for their outstanding contribution in providing career guidance to students in Adi Dravidar Welfare (ADW) hostels and schools. Their efforts have positively impacted the career awareness and aspirations of over 30,000 students across 38 districts in the state.

Ms. Lakshmipriya IAS, Secretary for ADTW, emphasizing the importance of initiatives in uplifting marginalized communities, said, “The Don Bosco Vazhikaatti team’s work has made a significant difference in the lives of many students. Their guidance has opened up new avenues for these students, enabling them to aspire to greater achievements.”

Through their collaborative efforts with the Tamil Nadu ADTW Department, the Don Bosco Vazhikaatti team effectively reached a vast number of students, helping them make informed decisions about their future educational and career choices. The team’s initiative is seen as a pivotal step towards enhancing the career prospects of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The recognition ceremony, held at Vijay Park, Chennai, and organized by Nurture and MMT, was graced by Ms. Lakshmipriya IAS, Secretary for ADTW, Mr. Anand IAS, Commissioner for Adi Dravidar Welfare Department Tamil Nadu, Mr. Annadurai, Commissioner for Tribal Welfare Department Tamil Nadu, Dr. Selvaraj, State Information Commissioner, and Mr. Shivanandan, Secretary of Nurture Team. All of them, in one voice, lauded the Don Bosco Vazhikaatti team for their dedicated work in empowering students from marginalized communities with essential career knowledge and guidance.

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