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Teacher selection determines to a great extent, the kind of climate we maintain in a school. What does a selector look for in an applicant? James E. Walker and Thomas M. Shea, Behaviorists, suggest several personal traits that effective teachers appear to have in common, and so, which can serve as a criteria for teacher-selection.

Self-insight: They know why they wish to work with children. They have an understanding of why they engage in the activities that make up a teacher’s life style.

Self-acceptance: They accept themselves as they are but seek to improve themselves. They are realistically confident in themselves and their capability to be effective, but are not overconfident of their abilities as to be considered naïve; they do not have an “I can do anything” attitude. They can make honest and forthright statements concerning their strengths and weaknesses without excuses.

Love and acceptance of children: They love and are able to demonstrate their love for children. They understand that love for children. They understand that love and compliance are not identical. Sometimes love is demonstrated through discipline. They accept children as worthwhile human beings even though they must at times reject a child’s behavior. They are capable of accepting, without reservation, individuals who are different from themselves, no matter what the difference.

An understanding of the behaviour of children: They not only understand human behavior at a cognitive level but are also able to empathize with children who manifest deviancy. They continually seek insight and understanding into such a child’s behavior.

Curiosity and willingness to learn: They have a bit of the child in their adult person. Like children, they are curious about their environment and enthusiastically explore it. They enjoy learning.

Patience with self and others: They realize that they are imperfect and that they make mistakes. They also recognize this quality in others. They realize that learning is a slow, complex process for many individuals. However, they continually strive to attain learning goals for themselves and their students.